Lamazuna - The company making a zero waste life a lot easier

Lamazuna is a French company which produces eco-friendly and sustainable bathroom products. The company was set-up in 2010 and since then, it has had great success offering numerous different reusable products to help its customers live a zero waste lifestyle. All the products are packaged in order to produce the least about of waste and it can all be reused or recycled.

I have just begun stocking some of the most popular products from Lamazuna so keep reading to find out what they are and why I decided to sell them!

I already have some fantastic deodorants made in the UK but several people requested a solid deodorant. This bar is perfect for those looking to leave no waste. It has had great reviews and is incredibly easy to use. You just wet the bar slightly before applying.  The best part of this deodorant without plastic for me has to be the minimal packaging. You can keep the bar in the box it comes it or you can keep it in one of the glass pots once you’ve finished your Georganics toothpaste.  

The next product is a delicious moisturising bar. This has got to be my favorite of their products as once again, it comes in a small cardboard box and that’s it. This zero waste moisturiser comes without any plastic and smells incredible. You simply rub it into any part of the body or face you want to rehydrate and it transforms into a gorgeous oil. Due to its texture, it is easy to spread so a little goes a long way. Again, I keep this in another small glass jar I have.

The final product I sell is the ear cleaning stick - Oriculi. This is a fantastic alternative to the plastic earbud sticks which can be found anywhere from the streets to the beach. In fact, the beaches here in Barcelona are covered with them as people flush them down the drains. These will never degrade in our lifetime and they have been known to get stuck in the mouths of turtles here in the Mediterranean preventing them from feeding properly. This reusable stick is simple and effective. The fact it is reusable means you will save hundreds of plastic earbuds and as it is made out of bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials. Once you’re finished and ready for a new one, you’ll find it is biodegradable. These sticks not only are the best solution I have found, but they are also incredibly affordable so you don’t break the bank.

I am hoping to stock more products from Lamuzana soon but I thought I would start with the essentials that I don’t already have!

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