Is your suncream harming you and the environment?

Not only do almost all suncreams come in a plastic bottle, but they also usually contain a huge amount of harmful chemicals.

crema solar daña a los oceanos

As soon as you apply them, these harmful chemicals are reaching you and as soon as you take a dip, they rub off you into the ocean causing ecological harm. Coral, algae, and fish are those which are most affected by these creams.

The ingredient that causes this damage? Well, there are several and here are three of the worst; Titanium dioxide, zinc nanoparticles, and benzophenone-3. Now go and take a look at your suncream bottle and see if you can spot one (or all three) of these.
The solution, however, is not to stop using suncream. Skin cancer is on the rise and more than ever we are spending time in the sun meaning we need to protect our skin. Luckily for us, the team at Amazinc! have created a fabulous range of reef-safe, natural, plastic-free suncreams. Although it the suncreams contain zinc (which is vital in order to protect our skin from the rays), it doesn’t contain the harmful nanoparticles which have been researched showing the damage they can cause.

crema solar natural sin plastico
The suncreams come in different shapes and sizes, perfect for when you hit the slopes in the cooler months and beach days in the warmer months.

This handy tin contains a cream perfect for the face. The beige tint means it goes unnoticed and it is smooth, easy to apply and doesn´t leave the skin greasy.

The stick is the densest cream there is, ideal for those spending hours in the sun or bobbing in the ocean waiting for the perfect wave. As with all the creams, it has SPF for protection throughout the day. 

The final and most popular cream is this liquid cream which comes in an aluminium bottle. It lasts numerous applications and depending on how often you swim sweat or rub your skin, it has the potential to last all day. It is easy to rub in and a little goes a long way.

These reef-safe and plastic-free suncreams are perfect for protecting yourself under the Spanish sun or wherever you may be. You can apply it under makeup so long as while you apply the make it doesn’t rub off. It is time to protect our skin and our oceans.

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