How to shop zero waste/without plastic in Barcelona - El Born

Living in Barcelona, I found that I was running around the city in order to complete a basic zero waste shop so here I am compiling a list of shops offering a range of products without plastic by zone, starting with el Born. Hopefully, this will convince some of you who still shop at the large supermarkets or who still by in plastic to change your habits, even just a little bit.

El born

Biobarri - Mendez Nuñez, 18 bajos, 08010 Barcelona 

This eco-friendly store has numerous products wrapped in plastic but the fruit and veg is loose so you can bring your own bags or use their paper bags provided.

Ananda Root – Carrer dels Tiradors, 7, 08003 Barcelona 

This lovely shop has lots of products that you can by in bulk without plastic and they are more than happy to fill up your own reusable bag or pot or whatever you bring! They have a huge variety of food including grains, cereals, and legumes that you can buy in bulk. They also have a large range of different sauces for those more experimental in the kitchen and have a huge selection of teas.  You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by how affordable food is here – you’ll never buy it in the supermarket again. 

Casa Perris -  Plaça Comercial, 2, 08003 Barcelona 

bulk shop el born casa perris

You could argue this is the most well-known bulk shop and depending on the day, you may have to wait in a queue out the door but it is totally worth it. They have so many products which are sold in bulk offering a range of flours, rices, nuts, seeds, teas, dried fruit, and much more! Buying in bulk here is the perfect way to save money and plastic!

Jaime J. Renobles - Passeig de Picasso, 34, 08003 Barcelona 

Another well-known bulk store, this has a variety of foods, much like the others but it also includes pet foods!

Mercat de Santa Caterina - Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16, 08003 Barcelona 

barcelona plastic free zero waste shop bulk shopping

This famous market attracts people from near and far. It features a whole host of foods from fresh fruit and veg, seafood, cheeses, ready-made croquettess and more! Just bring your own containers or bags in order to be able to say no to the plastic ones they have on offer.

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    @mariella, they sell it at tribu woki close to placa catalunya :)

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