How to freeze foods without plastic

Clingfilm and single-use plastic containers are the easy choices for freezing food however, these aren't sustainable so here are a few easy ways to conserve your food.

  1. Silicone bags - These are by far my favorite way to store food both in the fridge and the freezer. They are 100% leak-proof so you can use them for liquids and you can make them airtight around the food. I love using them for bread and soups and if you freeze chopped up fruit, you can put them directly in your blender for a refreshing smoothie. Here you'll find packs of four bags and smaller options, too.

2.Beeswax wraps - These are super easy to mold around food and work great for freezing things. It is best not to use them for meat and fish as you can't wash them with hot water after, but everything else works well.

  1. Glass containers - This is such an affordable alternative to store food as you can reuse containers with sauces or other foods in. The most important thing it to leave a couple of fingers space as the contents will expand which could lead to broken glass in your freezer!
  1. Plastic tupperware - Use any tupperware you still have! These do not need to be thrown away until you really can't use them anymore.

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