Frequently Asked Questions about the Reusable Pads

What is the difference between the pantyliners with PUL and without?

With PUL means they have a thin layer of Polyurethane Laminate which makes this layer of the cotton leakproof offering an extra layer of security. The pantyliners without PUL (the purple ones) are fully biodegradable as they don’t have this layer.


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Do you notice the difference with the waterproof layer while wearing them?

No, although when comparing the two types of pantyliners you can tell which has the thin waterproof layer, whilst being worn there is no difference.

Are the pads uncomfortable to wear?

No! Most people don’t even notice them and for the larger ones, although more noticeable its just like wearing an extra pair of pants! To guarantee more comfort, wear tight underwear!

How do I wash them?

Soak the pads in cold water then wash by hand with soap and warm water of in a machine at a temperature of 40 degrees or less.

How do I dry them?

Air dry for best results and dry out in the sun to help bleach the stains away. You can also use a tumble dryer at a low heat although for longer life, it is not recommended.

How to get rid of stains

Remember to soak the pads in cold water and the quicker you do this after using them, the less likely there will be stains. The sun will also help to bleach the stains away.

How do I stop getting the little cotton balls on the pads?

Hand washing will help with this as it often occurs in the washing machine with lots of friction. Also, avoid using the tumble dryer to dry them although you are able to at a low temperature.

Are the pads hygienic?

Of course! So long as you wash them, dry them and store them correctly (in a dry place)!

How often do I need to change a pad or pantyliner?

The same amount you would change a disposable one. Some people can go hours and hours without changing it. To be safe, try a couple of hours on a light flow day the first time. The great thing about these pads is you’ll really get to know your period!

After years of use, how would you dispose of the pantyliner?

All the layers that are organic cotton are biodegradable. The only layer which would need to be separated before disposing of is the waterproof one which unfortunately is not biodegradable nor recyclable.

How do you store a used pad when out and about?

Fold it up with the buttons with the stained part on the inside and store in a small bag such as this one.

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Best way to combine with the menstrual cup?

Some people have problems with the menstrual cup where it can leak a little so wearing a pantyliner will add a bit of security. Also, during the light days of your period, before using the menstrual you can use the pantyliners or the day pad until your period gets heavier. Many people only use one or the other but together they make the perfect combination for a comfortable, sustainable period!

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