Ecofemme - why they are one of my favourite providers

Ecofemme is a female-led social enterprise founded in 2010 based in Tamil Nadu, India. Not only do they produce fantastic reusable menstrual products but they also provide safe jobs to people from the region.

 ecofemme compresas reusables

Ecofemme contract 5 facilities to make their reusable pads and pantyliners and each of these guarantees the women that work there, safe working conditions and fair wages. This is also beneficial for the economy providing locals with jobs. They seek to educate young girls throughout India about menstruation as it is a taboo topic and many women don't have access to information. They provide girls with free menstrual pads through their pad-for-pad project which means that for every pad bought, another is donated to someone from an economically disadvantaged background.

The company also puts a high importance on sustainability which is one of the reasons for offering reusable menstrual products as opposed to disposable ones. The pads are made from organically grown cotton and each one lasts years meaning customers save money while they reduce their negative impact on the environment and support an incredible project.

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