Eco Coconut Brushes - Affordable, effective and attractive


I could not be happier with these eco-friendly and zero waste dish cleaning brushes. They come in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging and as the actual brush is made from coconut fibre, they are completely biodegradable.
The hard bristles mean they are strong and there is also plenty of flexibility so you can always get to those hard to reach places.
They are the perfect addition to your zero waste kitchen as not only are they kind to the environment but they look fantastic, too.
The first brush is a bottle cleaning brush which I started selling a few months ago and it has been extremely popular. It’s long enough for larger bottles and the shape means it will reach every part of the bottle. It is also great for cleaning baby's bottles.
The second brush is ideal for scrubbing dishes. It doesn’t scratch the surfaces and removes even the toughest bits of food left on pots and pans.
The final brush is my favourite of the three. Easy to hold, this brush works miracles on every part of the house. I keep one for cleaning the bathroom and the other for the kitchen. It makes the chore of cleaning a quick and easy job and is by far the most effective I have ever used. Cleaning pots and pans take mere seconds while the bathroom will be glistening in a flash!
Eco-friendly cleaning brushes like these ones from EcoCoconut are a dream, helping you with your zero waste, plastic-free home.

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