Are bamboo earbuds really the solution to plastic ones?

One of my top sellers has to be the bamboo earbuds. They are affordable, made from an incredibly sustainable material, they are biodegradable and they have organic cotton on the ends. What’s not to like?

As an alternative to the plastic ones which end up in landfills, on beaches, and ingested my numerous marine animals, they really are a lot more sustainable.

plastic cotton earbud sticks on beach sea plastic cotton buds

So what’s the problem then? Well, they are still very a much a single-use product. This means that although they are much less damaging, they could still be considered as wasteful.

The solution? The reusable Oriculi stick. This incredible affordable ear-cleaning stick simply cleans the wax from inside your ears. After use, you wash it and its ready to be used again. Once again, it is made from bamboo making it very sustainable and once you’ve used it as much as you can, it is biodegradable.

Each individual will have their own opinions about each of these options and there is no doubting that either of them will be A LOT gentler on the environment so the main thing here is to do is think about what is best for you and your surroundings. I am by no means trying to deter you from buying bamboo earbuds as they are an amazing alternative to the plastic ones. I just want you to be aware of an even more sustainable solution – the Oriculi stick.

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