Why do we love Javier Bardem right now?

With the forever increasing amount of plastic waste being dumped in our oceans, its time we all did something. Many of us have vowed to live (or at least try to live) a zero-waste life, however, it is clear that with 8 million tons of plastic entering our oceans each year, this isn’t enough. This is where people like Javier Bardem come in. Not only a great actor (and easy on the eyes), he has taken it upon himself to help educate people on the huge amount of plastic waste in the oceans, right here in the Mediterranean.

Last month he set off from Blanes in order to collect plastic and other waste from the picturesque Costa Brava. He has done this in line with the company ‘Sea2see’ that makes sunglasses with frames made 100% from recycled plastic found in the ocean on the coast of Spain.

javier bardem blanes plastico costa brava catalunya zero waste

Earlier in the year, the Bond villain even popped down to the sea floor in the Antartic Ocean with Greenpeace to check out the great work that is being done in order to protect and conserve the vast amount of marine life there.

While he is doing his part, we should do ours. We can reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis and seek out waste-free options for most products we have in our home! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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