Resuable cotton dishcloths over the disposables

organic cotton reusable dishcloths spain

I cannot rave enough about switching to reusable dishcloths. I always tried to get as much use out of the disposable ones but the clue is in the name; they are disposable and more often than not, they contain plastic which as we all know by now, is pretty bad.

These come in a pack of three and I have been using them for several months without only good things to say making my zero waste lifestyle that little bit easier.

The circles of thread add extra scrubbing power to make cleaning stains and marks hassle free.

I rotate the dishcloths using one or two at a time. When they start to get a bit dirty, (usually within a week) I throw them in the washing machine with a wash I will do anyway so it doesn’t use any extra water or energy. They take no time to dry and although they can be stained, they are fresh and clean and ready to use again.

reusable dish cloth towels organic cotton eco friendly

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