Once you try a Mooncup, you’ll never go back

mentrual cup mooncup

Menstrual cups have been around for a while but more and more they are picking up popularity and it is obvious why. Let's start with some facts which might motivate us to make the change

Tampons are used by over 100 million women worldwide and so we can only imagine how many are used each month meaning that billions are heading to our landfills and our oceans much too frequently.

tampon beach from ocean zero waste motivation

The cost of paying for tampons can add up to over 100€ per year and in some cases much more while buying a Mooncup is a one of payment of less than 25€.

Despite the environment and money saving factors, people still take a lot of convincing. Here are some of the most frequent questions I have been asked.

Is it hard to insert?

The first time I think most women find it hard and some take longer to adjust than others but I see this the same as a tampon and once you are used to it, it becomes second nature. There are also several ways, so find the one that suits you best. 

diagram moon cup mentrual cup how to insert

What about public bathrooms without private washbasins?

This question has popped up so frequently. The cup holds a lot of liquid, to the point where it is incredibly unlikely you will ever leak so long as you empty the menstrual cup every eight hours maximum. With this in mind, I have never found myself in a situation where within an eight hour period I don’t have access to a bathroom with a private washbasin. It might take some more planning and popping to restaurant bathrooms but again, you will get used to this. I do understand this is not for everybody so maybe doing a slower switch is easier where the cup is used on convenient days.

Is it messy?

Well, I’ve heard some compare the first week to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but personally, I got used to it pretty quickly. Once you’ve got your quick cleaning technique and then hobble to the sink sorted, the rest is a breeze.

What’s the best thing about it?

Well apart from the fact it is so comfortable I completely forget I have it in, I love not making any waste (zero waste lifestyle alert) and not having to pop to the shops in an emergency when you realise you’ve run out of tampons.

moon cup menstrual cup size a b with pouch


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