Is a zero waste lifestyle expensive?

The answer is a profound NO.

Yes, some products are more expensive than its plastic alternatives, but almost always, the lifespan is a lot longer.

I have also found that I buy less frequently, only when I need to and I take better care of everything increasing the lifespan if each product and reducing this throwaway lifestyle we have become so used to.

Here are some of the cheap alternatives to products that don’t last forever.

Bamboo toothbrush

A bamboo toothbrush costs 4€ while most shops sell plastic toothbrushes for around €2.50 to €8 making this towards the cheaper side. It also looks a lot nicer in the bathroom and is biodegradable.

bamboo toothbrush eco friendly spain

Dish-cleaning brush

These can end up pretty pricey while looking at the plastic versions and it actually surprised me when I was doing research. The dish brushes sold by One Earth BCN cost €3.50 with new heads available to buy to save wasting the handle. This means after buying one, you’ll only have to spend €2,50 every time you are ready for a new brush.


redecker wooden dish brush cleaning without plastic



A bar of soap is such an easy alternative to liquid soap in plastic. It is much more likely that a bar of soap contains natural ingredients and once it's finished there is literally 0 waste to have to ‘’throw away’’ (wherever away is). They last a long time and they are affordable – these soaps are on sale for €2,90 at the moment!

jabones hechos a mano naturales

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